Property Management 101 – Communication

  • 12 October 2018

Communication, or lack thereof, from a Property Manager is undoubtedly the number one reason landlords chose to change agencies. There are so many reasons this can occur but more often than not there are some major contributing factors:

1. An oversell of services to secure the client and under deliver from the PM.

2. No room to negotiate on delivery of service – the agency assumes every client will like the way they work.

3. Lack of training or transparency – job roles and structure are unclear.

4. Unclear expectations – so often the PM expects to only communicate the bad news and sometimes the client just wants to know everything is going well.

This is one way Flyte Property Management Solutions is different. We are breaking down stereotypes and achieving positive results. We think differently and step outside of the box.
Contact our Principal, Anita Herfoss, to make a positive change.

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