Flyte Property Management has been built on the foundations of passion, care and a deep desire to improve and modernise an aging industry. Our focus is not on how to make the job easier, but instead how to improve our clients experience and consistently achieve better results. It’s simple, if it’s not in your best interest it’s not a viable option for our business.


By fusing cloud-based technology with developed systems and procedures Anita has been able to create a property management business that runs seamlessly with less room for human error. The lines of communication are always open and clear so that no client is ever left wondering. To add to this out of the box approach we’ve made one big change that sets Flyte Property Management Solutions apart from any other competitor–your ONLY point of contact is the business owner.

About Anita

Anita has drawn from her diverse experiences and decade-long career in real estate to build a Property Management business with a difference. She recognises there has been a shift in the industry and welcomes the opportunity to utilise today’s technology to provide the best service to her clients. Her passion for exceptional customer service continually pushes her to find new solutions for age-old problems.

Anita has been recognised and awarded for her individual contributions as well as her team efforts and before opening Flyte Property Management Solutions was awarded Team Leader of the Year QLD for one of Australasia’s largest real estate brands.

What my clients say